Driving Trial

 Saratoga Driving Trial, Combined Test and Pace

October 3-4, 2020


Provisional Combined Test  Dressage Times will be posted here when available.


The Basics

Contact the OrganizerJeff Morse 413.822.9462 
Contact the Secretary Melanie Michon 845-661-4357

Find the Omnibus Listing HERE
Complete an Entry Form and enter by paying with a check HERE 
Complete an Entry Form and enter by paying with using PayPal or any credit card HERE 

All competitors should have evidence that their horses have had flu and rhino vaccinations within 6 months and must produce Coggins and Rabies Certificates  prior to being issued a competitor number. Submit Coggins, Rabies, Flu and Rhino Certificates HERE

Sign and submit an ADS Disclaimer HERE

Measurement Form

All VSE and Pony competitors must include a valid 2020 Measurement form with your entries! Submit Measurement Form HERE

DT – Training   All Turnouts: Training Level Test C
DT – Preliminary  All Turnouts: Preliminary Level Test B
DT – Intermediate  All Turnouts: Intermediate Level Test C
CT – Training    All Turnouts: Training Level Test C
CT – Preliminary All Turnouts Preliminary Level Test B
CT – Intermediate All turnouts: Intermediate Level Test C

In addition to our Combined Tests on Saturday and our complete Driving Trial on Sunday, here is what in store for 2020

The Confidence Competitor – For the drivers who elect to be Confidence Competitors, there is no restriction on Outside Assistance. It is perfect for those who want the added confidence of being able to have a partner sit on the vehicle with them to help them through the competition day by reminding the driver of the rules, indicating the course routes, reading the dressage tests as they are being driven, keeping an eye out for problems, etc.

 In other words, the ADS Rules and penalties for Outside Assistance do not apply to Confidence competitors. EXCEPT: Anyone other than the driver handling the whip, reins and brakes in competition, will incur the penalty of elimination for the entry. Rendering assistance to avoid accidents or in an emergency is permitted without penalty. All competitions will be available to drivers electing to compete as Confidence Competitors.

Attention Pleasure Drivers!

You can now participate in a Pace at our annual event by selecting from the following new offerings on Saturday:

Pleasure Drive Pace – A Pleasure Drive Pace (see ADS Article 260)  has been added for Saturday. The Pace will utilize all or part of the track for the Marathon on Sunday EXCEPT: no Obstacles are to be driven. The Pace may be driven as a stand-alone competition or in combination with the Combined Test (Dressage + Cones)

Watch for these offerings  on the entry form, especially the money saving Combinations!
Golf carts my be rented for the weekend by using the online entry forms. 

If you are not a competitor and wish to rent a golf cart, please contact our Secretary, Melanie Michon 845-661-4357

Area Hotels:

Holiday Inn Express
8 Empire Drive
Rensselaer, NY 800-404-5683
Residence Inn by Marriott
3 Tech Valley Drive
East Greenbush, NY 866-460-7440
Hampton Inn
25 Hampton Inn Drive
East Greenbush, NY 855-499-0001
All three of these are approximately 20 minutes from Akers Acres.
GPS ADDRESS FOR THE EVENT: 237 State Farm Road, Valatie, NY
 Site of the SDA Driving Trial