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Driving Conference February 13, 2016
Verdoy Fire Department Latham, NY

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Driving Conference February 13, 2016 Verdoy Fire Department Latham, NY

Our lineup of speakers provide a diverse array of topics to interest and inspire not only drivers, but anyone looking to improve their horsemanship.   Each year we focus on a different aspect of our sport. It might be best equipment, proper turnout, Pleasure or Combined Driving rules, or training technique.  This year we are focusing on the Sport Horse when chiropractic, massage, and yoga are not enough. Sometimes we needed to go to the experts.

Our horses are equestrian athletes and we challenge them in our training and competition to perform in ways that stress their bodies. We will address driving, but this year bring your farrier, your horse friends that may not be drivers, and anyone else that has a horse with hoofs, possible joint disease, or a chance at getting a soft tissue injury. 

Jeff Morse, noted Trainer, Competitor, and Organizer, will start the day with videos and stories about  Derby Driving, the newest driving event. The horses, drivers, and the crowd loves the excitement, speed, and  athleticism of the horses. This is where the sport is going, and we need to keep all of us fit and healthy, and recovering from the strains.

These two experts from Cornell, Steve Krauss and Michelle Delco, DVM will each present two lectures. 

Not all horses are suited for the sports we want. Selecting the right one based on Conformation is essential, but like us, there may be defects that can be corrected or managed.  We invited Steve Kraus, the Head of Farrier Services, to identify problems and learn what to avoid in selection of a horse. As a specialist in the Sport Horse in many different disciplines and he can help us to recognize the challenges different work presents and how we can better care for our horses.   

Our speakers continued...

Deciding what do to do for the Sport Horse’s hoof is a hot question.  Steve Kraus has developed a rating scale - the W I D T H Protocol – to demonstrate the factors that go into deciding whether or not to shoe your equine athlete

Michelle Delco DVM is actively doing research aimed at understanding how joint injury leads to the development of osteoarthritis in horses and humans. She will present two lectures from Diagnosis to Treatment and the direction the field is headed. She is investigating new drugs to prevent arthritis after cartilage trauma and developing techniques to study and image the very early cellular changes in cartilage after traumatic injury. In her previous practice, Dr. Delco's primary focus was orthopedic and minimally invasive surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of complicated lameness issues in Sport Horses. 

Dick Lahey’s Quiz Bowl is fun for all, as they search their memories for obscure and obvious horse facts.  Participants hit the buzzers to win their points. Everyone loved it last year, so we are bringing him back. All new!

We always have giveaways raffle and sometimes a silent auction, so bring your random horse related stuff that needs a new home. One person’s clutter is  another’s treasure—so bring something with you.  We will give you 5 tickets and you can purchase more.  That is the only extra expense you can expect.

There is lots of time to talk with the speakers, meet with your friends, and meet new people.

This year we welcome all equestrians to our conference.

Improving & Prolonging
the Performance of Sport Horses

Jeff Morse Derby Driving
The Thrills & Demands of the newest Driving Event.

Steve Kraus Cornell University
Head of Farrier Services
How Conformation Affects
Performance and Soundness

Michelle Delco DVM
Cornell School of Veterinary Science
Lameness in the Sport Horse Part 1:
Understanding Common Injuries, Getting to a Diagnosis and the Fundamentals of Treatment

Dick Lahey’s:
"Horse & Carriage Quizbowl"
All new—Pit your knowledge against your peers

Steve Kraus Cornell University
Head of Farrier Services
The WIDTH Protocol
Making an Informed Decision on When Use to Shoes

Michelle Delco DVM
Cornell School of Veterinary Science
Lameness in the Sport Horse Part 2:
Advanced Therapies, Regenerative
Medicine and Beyond

Who gets a discount?

If you belong to another driving club or the American Driving Society — pay the member rate. We welcome members of other clubs!  Driving, Riding, Pony, Minis, Drafts—everybody.

Or if you volunteer at our events, or other horse related events—you are family and can get the discounted rate.  We are interested in building the Driving Community and the Equine Community. You may be an eventer now, or like the big jumps, but someday you may decide that driving is a little more tame—only it isn’t. We offer the same chills and spills, and put our horses through stresses. We want to do the best by them in our sport, and this might help you in your sport.

We have brought experts to come and teach us in a quiet, cozy, warm banquet hall.  If you use your horse for sport, or they go through the aging process, or go over terrain, this should be an exciting and interesting gathering for you.  You will meet lots of new folks, but when the lecturer speaks it will be quiet, and there will be lots of time and opportunity for questions. 

Why should you spend 50 bucks to come?
This event is our Annual Fundraiser.
The cost is probably less than a lesson and we feed you chicken & biscuits and lots of snacks. We bring you the experts to fill your mind, and get you all revved up for spring.

When the day is done and the chairs are put away, the money we earn is 100% put back into our sport building new obstacles, fixing the terrain, and laying down gravel. It enables us to hire judges from faraway and bring in clinicians, and hold first rate events.

It is our 12th year and we welcome all of you to return or come for the first time. This is a beautiful setting on the north side of Albany and easy to reach by Interstate.  If you want to come from out of town, hotel rooms are cheap. Grab an spouse or a friend and join us.

A Fun Day with Other Drivers.

On behalf of the Board and Officers of the Saratoga Driving   Association, we are proud to welcome all drivers and other equestrians to an exciting day of learning how to improve skills and meet other members of the driving and equestrian community. 

Registration at 8:30 AM   — Speakers start at 9 AM end at 4 PM

Friendly, warm, quiet setting, where you can comfortably listen to the speakers, meet new people and see old friends. 

For drivers, ground help, navigators and their friends, or anyone interested in another horse discipline—come and check us out.

Breakfast, Hot Lunch, Snacks included.  We plan to feed you, so we need to know you’re coming.   We do understand last minute decisions. Just email us and you will be welcome.  

Join us from 8:30 to 4 at the  Verdoy Fire House, 988 Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham, NY.   Route 7, just 1.7 miles left, off Exit 6 of Interstate 87 Northway, very accessible even in winter weather.

We start promptly at 9.  Breakfast served at registration. Bring items to share at the raffle. No one goes home empty handed. 

If you want to come from out of town—a hotel room close to the conference is cheap!  The conference is right off the highway just close to Interstates 90 and 87.   If a blizzard is forecast we may move the event to February 20,  but we have plows, electricity and lots of food and we are on the main road.

We will feed you all day, breakfast at 8:30, hot lunch included and handouts and giveaways included.  Bring something for the raffle.

We took some big risks in 2014 and they paid off. We expanded the Driving Trial to a 2 day format and offered a Combined Test and clinic on Monday. We brought in temporary stalls and hired Shelly Temple of Aiken, SC, as Judge and Clinician, Erika Matulich from Florida as Technical Delegate, and Marc Johnson as our Course Designer. Staging an event that suits the needs of Training Level to Intermediate, VSE, Pony, Horse, and Draft is only possible with top level officials, a phenomenal course designer, and your help.

In 2015 we want to add a two day clinic with Tracey Morgan on May 30 & 31. Tracey will be leaving for Europe to prepare for the World Pony Championships for the sixth time. Tracey will be our judge at the Driving Trial on October 3 & 4, 2015 and offering a clinic on October 6. Stalls are available so put us on your calendar.

The Get Ready for Spring Conference is our primary fundraiser for the club, and funds collected are used to underwrite clinics, reduce competitor costs, buy equipment and this year to build a new obstacle for the driving trial. Come out and support us.

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