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Super Days of Driving

Driving Trial
Clinic with Dana Bright
October 6,7,8

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Super Days of Driving
Driving Trial
Clinic with Dana Bright October 6,7,8

Akers Acres, Valatie, NY
( 5 miles from Interstate 90)

The Saratoga Driving Association - A New and Innovative Schedule for a Perennial Favorite

On October 6.7.and 8, 2018, the Saratoga Driving Association will hold the SDA Super Day of Driving and Driving Trial.  Our goal is to keep the level of participation strong and bring new drivers into the driving sports.

Here's What's New:

1. THE CONFIDENCE DRIVER - A new driver designation is being added that we believe is the 1st of its kind in the US for a carriage driving competition. It's called The Confidence Driver. Drivers who elect this option will be free of any penalties for outside assistance, except for someone other than the driver handling the whip, reins, or brake. So, if you always wanted to give it try but felt you could not do it alone, here you go! Give it a try.

2. THE PACE - We are adding a Pleasure Drive Pace on Saturday. The Pace will utilize all or most of the Marathon Course but without the Obstacles. They will not be driven on the Pace. The course should be at least 5 or 6 KM.  It will be run under ADS Rules for a Pleasure Drive Pace and can be driven as a stand-alone class or as a component of  a Continuous Drive.

3.  THE CONTINUOUS DRIVES - There will be a two types of Continuous Drives offered. One will be a Combined Driving Continuous Drive. This will be the combination of scores for Dressage, Cones and the Pace. The other offering will be a Pleasure Continuous Drive. This will be scores for Dressage, a Fault and Out Cones course and the Pace.

4. PLEASURE DRIVERS -  We are adding a few pleasure driving options on Saturday. If you only have a pleasure driving vehicle or if you are not familiar with Combined Driving rules or competitions, you have a chance to come play! Perfect for a day of pleasure driving competition.

5. COMBINED TESTS - If you want to skip the Pace altogether, you can combine your Dressage Test with either the Combined Driving Cones or the Fault and Out to create a traditional Combined Test or  Pleasure 2 Phase Competition. Again, it's up to you.

6. FINALLY, A DRIVING CLINIC - Our judge, Dana Bright, who is one of the most highly experienced carriage driving officials in the country for both Pleasure Driving and Combined Driving, both as a judge and Technical delegate,...and as a competitor... is staying one more day to conduct a driving Clinic on Monday.

Here's what's not changing: 

7. MARATHON - It will be the same, high quality Marathon course you have come to expect at from course designer, Marc Johnson, through the fields and woods of Akers Acres Farm on State Farm Road, Valatie, NY.

8. EXHIBITOR"S PARTY - Free.....Under the Big Top, an excellent catered dinner with  entertainment Saturday night.

More details and entry information can be found at Questions should be directed to Jeff Morse 413-822-9462

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The Saratoga Driving Association is an organization that promotes the sport of carriage driving. The club was formed more than 20 years ago to promote the sport for competition and pleasure, and to educate our members and the general public in safe and proper driving techniques, good horsemanship, and respect for the traditions of the past. The American Driving Society is the rule making organization that sets the standards for the sport, and provides the rules for competitions. As an American Driving Society-affiliated club, the individuals and families adhere to the standards and traditions the ADS sets.

Annual membership includes a subscription to the Equine Journal magazine where the club has a monthly column that publicizes our events. This website will also serve to keep everyone informed of upcoming events and report on activities as they happen.

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